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Greetings, our dear reader of michel | Football Magazine!

We’re glad to see you in Support project page, but let us explain few things about our project. First of all, we’re non-commercial project and our magazine will always remain free to read.¬†Independence means everything for us. But if you want to support us somehow and give some extra euros for development of this project, here are some ways, how you can do that:

1) PayPal – quickest and easiest way. Here’s our email – and on sidebar you can also see a banner, which will lead you directly to PayPal.

2) Purchase or subscribe to our App on AppStore. All our issues are available for iPhone and iPad.

3) Purchase printed version of magazine. That’s not the cheapest option, but if you would like to see how this magazine looks, when it’s printed, go on!

4) Purchase one of the football related artworks from Cristian Liberum. He loves to create all kind of visual stuff. If you want to support him, just go to Society6 and choose the one you like.

That’s all! Thanks for everyone, who supports us!